Complex Nursing Practice 2

Year 3, Semester 2 Core Nursing Practice

Code CRIT3001
Credits 25
Graduate Attributes
This unit use a systems approach to assess, diagnose, plan, manage, document and evaluate care related to specialised health  care needs of people. Students apply therapeutic communication, critical reasoning and meet nursing competency  standards in  selected clinical contexts. Students engage with management of patients in an emergency clinical setting; suicide,  self harm.  The unit develops students’ skill in advanced management of critically unstable patients including primary and  secondary  assessment. Recognising and responding to deteriorating patients – adults and paediatrics; advanced fluid  management  including blood transfusions; Advanced assessment and care of patients in cardiac and respiratory crisis; Advanced  medication  administration and management including applied pharmacology, advanced wound care including traumatic  wounds and burns  management are key areas of clinical learning in this unit.
Lecture 2.0 Hours, 4.0 Times Semester 
Science Laboratory 2.0 Hours, 10.0 Times Semester 
Tutorial 2.0 Hours, 4.0 Times Once only 
Clinical Practice 200.0 Hours, 1.0 Times Once only 

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • 1 Formulate, in collaboration with the health care team, a care plan appropriate to specialised health care
  • 2 Recommend aspects of patient care to others according to competence and scope of practice
  • 3 Evaluate interventions within the care plan in consultation with the health care team and determine further outcomes
  • 4 Apply and evaluate skills, technology and knowledge in relation to the practice environment concerning critically unstable people
  • 5 Evaluate relevant information in appropriate professional written and oral formats for a range of people and professionals

Assessment Breakdown

All assessments below must be completed.

  • Pass/Fail Medication test
  • Pass/Fail Clinical assessment: Report (selected NMBA Clinical competencies) NCAS
  • Pass/Fail Skills assessment