Imagining Health in Social and Cultural Contexts

Year 1, Semester 1 Core Behavioural Health Science

Code NURS1003
Credits 25
Graduate Attributes
An introduction to sociological and anthropological perspectives on health, illness and disability in society; biomedical and social models of health. Understanding of health and illness for nurses and allied health: professionals in social and cultural contexts; traditional healing systems. Marginalised populations: understanding the intersections of cultural heritage, socio economic status, gender, sexuality, and disability and their impact upon health. Cultural security, safety and competence. Health of migrants, refugees and internally displaced peoples; historical and contemporary context in Australia and globally. Humanitarian health care delivery and disaster relief; human rights, social justice and health; community development in national and international settings.
Online Class 2.0 Hours, 1.0 Times Weekly 
Individual Study 2.0 Hours, 1.0 Times Fortnightly 
Workshop 2.0 Hours, 1.0 Times Weekly 

Learning Outcomes

  • 1 Demonstrate an understanding of health and illness using anthropological and sociological frameworks
  • 2 Analyse social and cultural influences upon the health of marginalised populations
  • 3 Describe and apply the concepts of cultural security, cultural safety and cultural competence in health care contexts
  • 4 Critically analyse the relationship between health and human rights in national and global contexts
  • 5 Critically evaluate responses to contemporary global crises using humanitarian health care delivery approaches

Assessment Breakdown