Nursing and Midwifery Capstone

Year 4, Semester 1 Core Inquiry

Code NURS4001
Credits 25
Graduate Attributes
In collaboration with industry and the School of Nursing and Midwifery, develop and evaluate learning objectives relevant to a clinical setting including theory, nursing care and research relevant to placement. Students assess, plan and coordinate care requirements for a case load. Students undertake autonomous practice, apply therapeutic communication and meet nursing competency standards in clinical contexts. The unit explores contemporary issues in nursing. Medication dosage calculations and pharmacology knowledge are further developed. Students engage in Inter-professional health care practice and provide clinical care within scope of practice, recognising role limitations as a beginning practitioner. National registration requirements are covered and a professional portfolio culminating in the capstone experience. Simulation experiences include comprehensive care of the unconscious patient and management of a deteriorating patient. Students incorporate knowledge of the 10 National standards into patient care.
Individual Study 1.0 Times Weekly 
Tutorial 2.0 Hours, 4.0 Times Semester 
Workshop 3.0 Hours, 4.0 Times Semester 

Learning Outcomes

  • 1 Explain the clinical reasoning required to provide nursing care within a clinical context
  • 2 Utilise the nursing process to develop individualised nursing care plans focusing on biopsychosocial needs within a clinical setting
  • 3 Explain needs of people with regards to discharge planning
  • 4 Integrate professional standards and behaviours in clinical practice

Assessment Breakdown